Functions of SAP

Functions of SAP

Programs, services and activities designed to keep healthy students healthy.
              School policy and expections
              Student assemblies and speakers
              Extra-curricular code of conduct
              Red Ribbon campaign (alcohol/drug awareness)
              Operation Snowball
              Staff-student mentoring program
              Parent education programs
              Comprehensive staff training
              Pre-prom assembly
              SAP Community Networking Council
              Alternative to suspension program
              Mental Health Presentations
              Clothesline Project
              Healthy Lifestype Fair
              Great American Smoke-out
             Drug/Alcohol Prevention Clubs (SPARK, VIP)

Programs and services designed to intervene early to re-focus student learning and growth
             Attendance/tardy policies
             "Blue Card" identification & referral system
             Learning Support Team review
             SAP Core Team review
             In-school student educational support groups
             Community -based educational programs
             Community-based student assessment services

Programs and services which support positive momentum for healthy change.
             Numerous educational support groups
             One-to-one counselor/social worker/teacher support
             Community referral resources
             Staff mentoring of students
             Evaluation and monitoring of program services and processes

SAP Support Groups

SAP Sponsors various support groups for students to attend on a weekly basis during the school day.

Grief and Loss (loss of family member/friend)

Concerned Persons (Family member of friend with substance abuse problem)

Changing Families (Divorce, Separation, change of guardianship)

Anger Management (Strategies to cope with anger and frustration)

NOT - Not on Tobacco (smoking cessation)

Re-Entry Group (students re-entering school after a hospitalization)

Recovery Group (support for students recovering from addiction)

Images (Body images and healthy eating)

New Student Group (for students new to the district)