Report Bullying

"Silence is Acceptance"

We believe a student's right to feel safe in school is paramount and contributes significantly to his or her capacity for learning and social development. Currently, District 128 schools have a protocol for reporting bullying and dealing with offenders which largely calls on students to approach adults and describe the incident. However, it is our belief that bullying goes unreported because students, for a number of reasons, may not be comfortable reporting incidents, or reporting incidents to school personnel.  

Please fill out the form below or contact Assistant Principal Greg Stilling via email or phone (847) 932-2270 directly.


For further support please feel free to contact the LST Social Workers:

                         A-K                                                                                            L-Z

Josephine DiMarco   (847) 932-2029                                           Doug Dusthimer   (847) 932-2268


Below you will find additional websites and information related to bullying:

Information for Parents

Information for Students 


For the school's definition of bullying, please refer to this document:
Bullying incident report form
The form below is provided for you to inform us about any situation or problem that you are having or know information about regarding being bullied or harassed. This can apply to you as a victim or an incident that you have witnessed. These situations can occur in school, out of school, through technology or electronic communication. Please provide as much information as you can so that the problem can be addressed directly.

This website is not monitored 24 hours, reports submitted will be received the following school day. 

False reporting of an incident is against state law and school policy.



Text-A-Tip presentation   

(click on link above to see presentation)

So sorry for the confusion and if you had any issues with the Text-a-Tip program...we were all so excited to roll it out that we overwhelmed their system and it shut down. They're working on fixing the glitches but here are a few troubleshooting tips...

  • If you received an error message when you texted originally: text "stop" to 274637 THEN resend LAKECO and your message like this:


















When your message is received: you should get a response within 3-5 minutes, like this:

**If you continue to have any issues, please let me know!  
Mrs. Dillon